Sram Red eTap Wireless Electronic Hydraulic Disc Complete Groupset

Sram Red eTap Wireless Electronic Hydraulic Disc Complete Groupset

Sram Red eTap Wireless Electronic Hydraulic Disc Complete Groupset

It’s Time To Shift Forward
At SRAM, they know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement. 
Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple. To make something elegant to the point where it removes what’s in the way... that’s advancement. That is the standard they held themselves to while developing their first electronic shifting system; SRAM RED eTap.

The idea of electronic wireless shifting is something that will be considered as normal practice in the coming decades but it will be hard to see past the easa of use that the SRAM eTap system delivers. The two button shifter is easy to use but will take some getting used to. The idea is the right shifter shifts down through to the smaller cogs and the left shifter climbs through the larger cogs on the cassette. Holding the shifter buttons together the groupset changes the front derailluer. It may not be a quick as the mechanical SRAM RED but this was the intention. Moving through the gears can cause damage to the rear derailleur or cause the chain to get jammed and ultimately destroy the rear derailleur hanger. 

The brakes remain the same as the SRAM RED brakeset but have a fresh look and wind cheating features such as a more aerodynamic brake body. The smallest of details have been taken in to account - like pointing the barrel adjuster away for the wind. SRAM RED brakes won't slow you down until the you are ready.

The SRAM RED eTap Rear Derailleur executed the shifts the instant you demand them. The military like precision has been designed to be used with the SRAM Powerglide and PowerdomeX cassettes. The anodized alloy body has been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye but has the finer details of aerodynamics involved also. The key point of the SRAM RED eTap Rear Derailleur is the battery fitting. The simple clamp on and off system is a clean and tidy addition. Coupled with a carbon pulley cage and ceramic pulley bearings. With the battery the rear derailleur weighs 238g.

SRAM Yaw technology changed front shifting forever and has elimated the need for trim. The SRAM RED eTap Front Derailleur makes a good thing better by executing front shifts confidently and quickly. Designed to work with SRAM X-Glide-R 11 speed chainrings.

The SRAM eTap shifters are what the complete groupset has been designed for. The one button shifting on each shifter has been engineered to be the quickest, most precise and simplified shifting option to date. The right hand shifter operates the inboard shifting and the left is the outboard shifting. Holding them together and the front derailleur shifts. SRAM's Ergofit controls have been revised to connect the rider and the bike with Reach Adjust to fit any hand. Carbon ErgoBlade levers and large SRAM eTap paddles provide positive controls for the rider. The eTap logic and positive feedback paddles elimates the shifting mistakes.

The way the front and rear derailleurs communicate with the shifter is over AIREA. The AIREA network is fast and has clean and easy installation. The each time the SRAM eTap groupset is paired, a new ecryption code is genegrated and assigned with the components. So if you find yourself in a group of 100 riders all with the SRAM eTap groupset you can rest assure that the rider next to you will not be shifting for you. 

What is in the groupset:

  • SRAM eTap  Chainset
  • SRAM eTap Disc Shifters
  • SRAM eTap Rear Derailleur
  • SRAM eTap Front Derailleur
  • Charger, USB Stick and Quick Start Guide
  • SRAM Cassette of choice
  • SRAM Chain of choice
  • SramBB of choice
  • Sram Red Disc Calipers

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