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Minoura Fg540 Rollers

Minoura: Minoura’s direct fork mount bring new innovation to the trainer market again. Using d..

GBP £ 265.99 Ex Tax: GBP £ 221.66

Minoura Lr700 Rollers White

Minoura: Fantastic quality roller set from Minoura, the professional’s choice. -Roller he..

GBP £ 205.19 Ex Tax: GBP £ 170.99

Minoura Minoura Workstand Rs-1600 Professional

Minoura: RS-1600Compact, lightweight, foldable Alloy stand with tripod base. Bike attaches to fork o..

GBP £ 119.99 Ex Tax: GBP £ 99.99

Minoura Roller Mag Resistance Unit

Minoura: The Mag 4000 is compatible with Moz Rollers and Action Rollers.  The mag unit fits nea..

GBP £ 45.59 Ex Tax: GBP £ 37.99

Minoura Workstand Tancho Dw-2

Minoura: Revised and improved all-purpose workstand, featuring:Wider leg angles for increased stabil..

GBP £ 79.99 Ex Tax: GBP £ 66.66