CycleOps Aluminum Roller

CycleOps Aluminum Roller
Be a control freak See your fitness-and your bike handling skills-improve when you add CycleOps rollers to your training program. You′ll increase your balance control and ability to ride a straight line all of which translate to more efficiency power and technique on the road. And because you have to pedal 100% of the time to balance your bike you get an amazing workout whether you choose to go at an easy spin or a more intense pace. After a winter on rollers you′ll be poised to lead the pack in the spring. Ready to roll Not only do CycleOps Aluminum rollers provide the most awesome stationary workout with incredible real-world ride feel but they′re also simple to set-up store and transport. For warming up before a race or watching the time fly by during an indoor ride rollers offer the ultimate in versatility and simplicity. Our rollers can be conveniently folded for grab-and-go transport and out of the way storage so training areas stay clutter-free and you′re never more than a few seconds away from letting the good times roll. Partner for life CycleOps Aluminum rollers are built to last and carry a lifetime warranty. Constructed from bi-fold tubular steel they can stand up to all sorts of abuse-like being tossed into the car set up in parking lots at races getting stepped on and the general rigors of daily use. We also guarantee that if anything ever breaks on it we′ll fix it or replace it. Stability and peace of mindtwo components of every great training relationship. And our unconditional promise to you. The 3.25-3.5 precision lathed drum diameters offer an optimal range of resistance with a super smooth ride and the adjustable wheel base fits just about any size bike. Rubber foot pads ensure that the only thing moving on the rollers are the drums so you get a secure sturdy ride. Because mastering the rollers can take a few tries the 16 wide base gives you room to move around until you′re holding a straight line like never before. Features: Precision-lathed 3.25 aluminum roller drums run silent and smooth and won′t distort in heat or sunlight. Fold flat or stand on end for convenient storage. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Durable steel-frame construction Adjustable belt for right and left dismount Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

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