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Tacx Antares Rollers Trainer

Do you want to work on your rhythm, make your muscles more flexible or refine your coordination and ..

GBP £ 150.28 Ex Tax: GBP £ 125.24

Tacx Blue Matic Folding Magnetic Trainer

The Blue Matic is the intermediate model of the Blue cycletrainers. Its maximum resistance is 700 Wa..

GBP £ 114.91 Ex Tax: GBP £ 95.76

Tacx Booster Ultra High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer

Prepare yourself in a professional manner and get your body in top condition with the Booster, the t..

GBP £ 178.75 Ex Tax: GBP £ 148.96

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer

The Bushido is the interactive Smart trainer with the most powerful resistance unit. It's electric m..

GBP £ 502.22 Ex Tax: GBP £ 418.52

Tacx Galaxia Rollers

The Galaxia takes you as close as possible to the natural road cycling experience, as the rollers mo..

GBP £ 182.16 Ex Tax: GBP £ 151.80

Tacx Genius Smart Trainer

Tacx Genius Smart Trainer...

GBP £ 595.86 Ex Tax: GBP £ 496.55

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Smart Trainer

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Smart Trainer...

GBP £ 808.67 Ex Tax: GBP £ 673.89

Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

The Tacx Neo is the worlds first only true direct drive trainer! The direct ride feel is generated ..

GBP £ 1,170.00 Ex Tax: GBP £ 975.00

Tacx Satori Smart Trainer

This interactive Smart trainer uses complex technology in a user-friendly fashion. In the resistance..

GBP £ 188.64 Ex Tax: GBP £ 157.20

Tacx Tacx IRONMAN Smart Trainer

Tacx Tacx IRONMAN Smart Trainer...

GBP £ 723.54 Ex Tax: GBP £ 602.95

Tacx Twist Trainer

The Blue Twist has the same resistance unit as the Blue Matic, but does not have a handlebar resista..

GBP £ 93.63 Ex Tax: GBP £ 78.02

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer

The Vortex is an interactive Smart trainer with an electro brake. This resistance unit is suitable f..

GBP £ 363.31 Ex Tax: GBP £ 302.76