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Trainer Accessories

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CycleOps ANT+ Dongle for iPhone

Features: ANT+ key for iPhones/iPads to work with CycleOps VirtualTraining. Works with iPhones..

GBP £ 69.11 Ex Tax: GBP £ 57.59

CycleOps Ant+ Mini USB Stick ANT+

Connect your PC to CycleOps VirtualTraining...

GBP £ 57.06 Ex Tax: GBP £ 47.55

CycleOps Bike Thong (Sweat Guard)

The Bike Thong - Keeps corrosive sweat from your frame. Even Includes a convenient removable pouch p..

GBP £ 25.24 Ex Tax: GBP £ 21.04

CycleOps Classic Series Clutch Knob Upgrade/Replacement Kit

Compatible with all CycleOps Classic trainers that use an L bolt Includes clutch knob and L bolt...

GBP £ 27.42 Ex Tax: GBP £ 22.85

CycleOps Classic Series Trainer Thru Axle Adapter

142x12mm Thru Axle Adapter for current classic series trainers The kit consists of an axle wa..

GBP £ 63.64 Ex Tax: GBP £ 53.03

CycleOps Front Fork Stand For Rollers

Secures the front fork for added stability on rollers. Compatible with CycleOps′ Aluminum Aluminum w..

GBP £ 95.44 Ex Tax: GBP £ 79.53

CycleOps Indoor Cycle Road Bar Kit

Road style handle bars for 2010 and new I series indoor cycles Replicate the feel of your road bi..

GBP £ 201.86 Ex Tax: GBP £ 168.22

CycleOps Indoor Cycle Seatpost Assemblys Short

Replacement seatpost for Cyclops indoor cycles. 2 options are avaliable a short one for smaller ride..

GBP £ 69.11 Ex Tax: GBP £ 57.59

CycleOps Joule 3.0 With Heart Rate Strap

The Cycleops PowerTap Joule 3.0 With Heart Rate Strap is indoor specific yet outdoor compatible for ..

GBP £ 651.21 Ex Tax: GBP £ 542.67

CycleOps Riser Block

Features: Stable worry free ride in any rear mounted trainer 3-level design lets you select ..

GBP £ 27.42 Ex Tax: GBP £ 22.85

CycleOps Roller Resistance Adapter

Resistance Unit For Aluminium Rollers Zero moving parts 5 levels of quiet magnetic resistan..

GBP £ 95.44 Ex Tax: GBP £ 79.53

CycleOps Trainer Accessory Kit

For the ultimate trainer setup! This kit has everything you will ever require to get the most out of..

GBP £ 202.95 Ex Tax: GBP £ 169.12

CycleOps Trainer Bag

The convenient way to take your trainer to rides and races. Features: A large shoulder str..

GBP £ 65.84 Ex Tax: GBP £ 54.87