Campagnolo Potenza Sil P-T 11X 170 34-50

Campagnolo Potenza Sil P-T 11X 170 34-50
The design of the 4 arm cranksets that so well identify the Super Record, Record and Chorus groupsets has now found its way into this fantastic new Potenza groupset, although in an aluminium construction. The Potenza crankset is made with both left and right crank arms in hollow forged aluminium to keep weight to a minimum while maintaining the same performance characteristics of its carbon fibre counterparts. Potenza 11's 4 arm spider design makes for one single crankarm for all chainring options thanks to its unified bolt pattern which allows for all 3 chainring standards 53/39, 52/36 and 50/34 to be built upon the same crankset. Changing between compact and standard with the Potenza 11 groupset is as easy as changing 8 bolts and two chainrings. While the new 4-arm bolt pattern offers advantages in terms of practicality, the Campy Tech Lab designed it primarily with performance characteristics in mind. The 8 bolt pattern with a spider arm design that not only holds the chainring in place by way of the bolt but also supports the chainring and in doing so, increases system rigidity to the point of surpassing its direct competitors in laboratory tests. This Potenza 11 performance crankset is available in 170, 172,5 and 175 crankarm lengths as well as in all three chainring configurations 50/34, 52/36 and 53/39. The left crank now includes a built-in extractor, so there is no longer a need for a purpose-built tool to remove the cranks. * Weight: 754g

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