Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Wheels Shimano

Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Wheels Shimano
Classic. And never skips a beat. The Neutron™ Ultra™ are now a well-established symbol of success for Campagnolo® wheels. Sought after by professionals and amateur cyclists alike, its characteristics are inimitable. Super lightweight on inclines and extremely reliable; they can be responsive when called upon, or comfortable against the hard pavement, even after hours on the seat. The Neutron™ Ultra™ encompasses everything a cyclist requires. FEATURES & BENEFITS **THE EXCLUSIVE GEOMETRY OF THE POLYGONAL RIM:** Allows for an elastic rim, which is both comfortable and extremely responsive at the same time. **REAR RIM WITH AN ASYMMETRICAL DRILLING:** Allows for a perfect alignment of the nipples and hub for better spoke tension, leaving no weak points. **MILLED, LOW-PROFILE RIM:** Reduces the peripheral weight of the rim, and makes the wheel responsive and fast, especially in up-hill rides. **STRAIGHT-HEAD STEEL SPOKES IN VARIABLE SECTIONS:** Maximum wheel torsional stiffness. Spoke tension is maintained and guaranteed performance with the best aerodynamics. Stability even at high speeds. **CARBON FIBRE HUB BODY:** High degree of lateral stiffness - reduces the weight to the minimum. **CUP AND CONE BEARINGS:** easy ball/bearing adjustment, reduces possible ball/bearing play, precision operation, maintains performance over time. **OVERSIZED FLANGE:** Increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change of pace of the cyclist. **ALUMINIUM AXLE:** Reduces the weight of the wheel. **QUICK RELEASE:** Steel spine and eccentric, lever with drill lightening and aluminium die. Eccentric-closure system allows cyclist to modulate the pressure necessary for heightened sensitivity to find the proper closure for the block. Easy to use, with a material resistant to wear and tear, rust, and pressure. Weight: * front wheel: 630 g * rear wheel: 840 g

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