Campagnolo Athena 11X Black Rear Mech 2016

Campagnolo Athena 11X Black Rear Mech 2016
Absolute precision. The rear derailleur with Ultra Shift(TM) geometry is designed to give you the certainty of immediate shifting in all conditions. The oversized outer plate wraps around the upper and lower bodies of the rear derailleur, providing superior stiffness. This translates into the absence of play and the maximum speed of chain movement upward and downward. * upper to lower pulley-axle: 55 mm * aluminium outer plate * parallelogram with 11s geometry * die-cast aluminium upper body * lightened special rubber pulleys FEATURES & BENEFITS ULTRA-SHIFT(TM) PARALLELOGRAM: designed to wrap around the rear derailleur bodies and increase the overall stiffness of the rear derailleur. Makes shifting fast, precise, and clean in all conditions. LIGHTENED UPPER BODY: weight reduction PULLEYS IN SPECIAL RUBBER: friction reduction SINGLE CAGE VERSION: flexibility of use with all the sprocket combinations

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